Shaw Floors

Protected for Life

Shaw Flooring is known for their amazing quality and survivability. Their Life-Guard backing will be sure to prevent long term damage on your lovely new installation. If you wish to talk to them directly about maintenance and care, they have an entire page to keep your carpet as well-kept as possible.


Innovation in the Industry

They are not trend followers, but trendsetters. Shaw has been innovating with new designs in hardwood and color schemes that will keep your home looking fresh and inviting. An example of this is Treadz, a hardwood for your steps that is easy to install. Another aspect is their “colors of the year” with new but modest colors of carpet for your home.

Wish to Learn More?

Shaw Floors has more information about their products to learn from. We will be more than happy to work with you in terms of what you want from their products and our ability to supply them to you. For more information on Shaw Floors, check out their website Here or call them directly at 1-800-441-7429.