Our Service

We Are More Than Just a Carpet Supplier

What sets our organization apart from the big chain suppliers is our commitment to making sure your purchase is properly installed. The service and professionalism that is expected from other installers can be found right in the Carpet Mart store location. So why deal with all the hassle of contacting, coordinating, allocating, and negotiating with independent contractors when it can all be done, at a fair rate, through our own service providers.

Your “One-Stop-Shop” For More Than Just Carpet

As Mentioned, Carpet Mart can provide both the wide variety of Carpet needed for making an informed purchase and the quality service expected to install it. But what about other projects that require installation too? Well, fortunately, our installers have a wide variety of skills and many years of experience that will help meet the needs for your next project. Whether it’s tile, laminate, hardwood, and/or window treatment, Carpet Mart has you covered.

Fair Prices

Need a quote? Call our number at 608-752-2345 for a quote. We will work very closely with you to make sure that your next big project is completed efficiently and quickly as possible. This is to ensure that you spend more time enjoying your purchase rather than worrying about its installation.